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LLL Services Company servies North Florida

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LLL Services Company

Who We Are

LLL Services Company, also known as "Triple L", is a maintenance company that has served the North Florida community for over 25 years. We are a full service distributor dedicated to providing janitorial supplies, equipment, and maintenance services to keep your business exceptional. Not only do we provide equipment and services, but our staff provides expertise and dependability to achieve our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission at "Triple L" is to create lasting customer relations centered around total client satisfaction. We believe in relationships where you talk and we listen by building upon our foundations of trust and quality service. We partner with our customers to provide extraordinary services, as well as janitorial supplies and equipment. 

Our Staff & Training

Our staff at LLL Services Company is comprised of industry professionals, who are not only talented and motivated, but extremely knowledgeable. With over 25 years of experience, our product knowledge and equipment expertise is unmatched, as we are constantly researching and innovating our company's inventory. Not only do we provide countless products and services, but we also provide proficiency training for our equipment. Our programs can be conducted on-site or at our facilities via our trained personnel or vendor relationships. With our expertise at your disposal, our customers can benefit from training related to chemical use, floor care, and maintenance of equipment. 

Why Choose Us

LLL Services Company is dedicated to providing the best staff, services, and equipment to better your business. We do this by starting from within through personnel management, 24-hour problem resolution, and thorough safety and compliance. To ensure that we deliver on our promises, we fine tooth our staff

with local and national

background checks, procedural

training, and drug testing upon

request. Furthermore, we offer

field management and night

supervision, and weekly and/or

monthly visits to your locations. In

doing this, we hope to exemplify

our core values of being client

focused and responsive.

Lastly, at "Triple L" we are

responsive for creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. We

vow to do so by keeping our management teams and staff in compliance with regulations and standards the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set in place.

LLL Services Company Maintenance Services
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